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Are You Bold?

We Are.

Being bold means telling stories that resonate with your audience. We specialize in creating content that converts; engaging video production for a connected audience.

Bold Anywhere

Although based out of Aiken, SC, our video production team will travel to wherever your needs may be. No matter where you are on the map, we can help you accomplish your video production goals.

Bold Creativity

Being bold means thinking outside the box. Our team of video marketing creatives has the ingenuity to take your video production to a whole new level.

Bold Analytics

We have the ability to give you detailed video analytics on any and all videos we create for you. This data can give you meaningful insight into your audience engagement.




Everyone thinks the video production process begins with pre-production, but it actually starts with concept development. Concept development and screen writing are some of our favorite parts of the video production process. Our team of creative writers uses the your goals to craft a story true to your brand that promotes your product and connects you to an engaged audience.



Our video production crew is made up of highly skilled cinematographers, directors, and editors. Our team of producers works to handle all logistics and pre-production that goes into planning for your video production. We have access to casting agents and a plethora of specialized video production equipment to meet whatever needs may arise on your project. We maintain close communication with our clients through the entire video production process to ensure that we are achieving your vision. All of our video editing is handled in-house in order to ensure a quality deliverable. We take pride in managing the details so that you, the client, can relax and be a part of the big picture.



Once your video has been fully produced it’s time to promote it. We provide video distribution strategies to help you get the most return on your investment. Our content strategies include social media syndication techniques that take advantage of the power that social networks provide. Social media video is growing at an increasing rate, and not having a video content strategy in your marketing plan is going to be a costly mistake as your competitors surpass you in audience growth and audience engagement. Work with us to develop a video content plan and become the top business in your sector.

Come be bold with us.