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You’re Rebranding AGAIN?

For those that have followed my professional services over the past three years, you have probably noticed that this will be my third re-branding of my services. In the past three years I’ve been an equestrian, a photographer, a cinematographer, an IT professional, a smart home technician, a web designer, and the list goes on. This list represents what I believe to be my worst trait: lack of focus.

I had a meeting with someone in these last couple weeks where they told me that they cover for their insecurities by having more features to offer their clientele. That statement struck a chord with me, and I realized that I had been doing the same thing. That “thing,” has been holding me back from being focused.

When it comes to being a business-owner, being able to produce success and then scale that success comes from focus. You hone in on exactly what makes your products or services special — your secret sauce per se — and you use that to scale your success. That means making the decision to cut away the frivolous ideas to follow the straight and narrow path towards achievement.

Different Ideas vs. New Ideas

Ideas are dangerous. They are particularly dangerous to business owners, because ideas can cause us to lose focus. Now if you read that and heard, “ideas are bad,” then you missed my point. Ideas are not bad inherently. There are ideas that follow our focus and push our success along its tracks towards the end-goal. Those are good ideas, but those ideas are like little nuggets of gold in a pile of shiny rocks. Finding those ideas and taking them to their fruition is a challenge, especially when there are so many other ideas that are calling our names.

In start-ups and in modern businesses, the word “pivot” is thrown around a lot. For the longest time I thought I knew what it meant to pivot. I thought I would pivot from a photographer to a photographer + home technician. Then I thought I would pivot from that to a photographer + home technician + web designer. This is where I was confused. That wasn’t a pivot, that was a diversification. I did not pivot from one bad or stale idea to a new idea or better approach. I just added more ideas to my ideas. My “pivot” became a disaster, which led me down a long and confusing road that finally put me at a point of desperation where I knew something had to change.

Why Bold?

Whenever I have an exchange with someone, they (hopefully) see a clever young man and their very next question is, “What do you do?” Answering that question has been complicated this last year. My typical response was, “I’m a low-voltage technician.” Which was promptly responded to with, “You’re a what?”

If I didn’t answer the question that way, I’d tell them I do “lot’s of things.” That equally ambiguous answer does me nor them any favors. It doesn’t answer their unspoken question which is, “How can I use your services?”

My business name was obscure, my business description was obscure, and my path forward was a spaghetti highway of inconsistency. So I needed to change, and I knew what I needed to do, but could I be bold enough to do it? Being bold for me meant looking at all these potential “gigs” I could work, and saying no. I’m going to be bold and be focused and believe in my ability to accomplish the types of jobs that I want to get. Hence the name Bold Horse Media. I am focused on one thing — video production.

My decision is to be bold enough to turn away the opportunities that don’t align with my focus. I hope that answers your question on why I’m re-branding again.